History of Mix it!

Mix it! was formed by Lorrine Douglas and Jane Bucanon, director of 2BProductions dance and performing arts school. They created Mix it! through a shared love for the importance of performing arts in education and based the annual summer school in Kirby Muxloe Village Leicester. Emma Fay joined the team as an additional tutor, adding stage craft to the mix and when Jane was no longer able to run 2BProductions in 2015, she stepped in to continue with Lorrine the Mix it! academy dreams through her production company, Enter Edem. We have had hundreds  of students enjoy and thrive at Mix it over the past decade and continue to passionately bring the benefits and necessity of performing arts to young people through our academies.

Past shows

Arabian Nights (2007)Star Camp (2008)DJ Pied Piper (2009)Alice (2010)Red Riding Hood (2011)2b a Pirate (2012)2b in Oz (2013)The Golden Ticket (2014)The Big Top (2015)10 (2016)Mixit! Marvels  – Superheroes (2017)